Episode 13

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9th Aug 2021

The Smart Money Gal - How to Unlock the Millionaire Mindset

In the latest installment of The Smart Money Gal, Jennifer brings us a special episode surrounding the topic of money mindsets, specifically how to unlock the millionaire's mindset.

For our entire lives, we've been told that the only way to make money is to win the lottery or work harder. That's simply not true. The odds of winning the lottery are slim and there is not a direct correlation between how hard you work and how much money you have.

Your money mindset can either catapult you to wealth or keep you in poverty. Want to learn that mindset and use it to your advantage? Then sit back, relax, and enjoy today's episode!

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0:20 - Topic of the day

1:18 - Why Jennifer went into mindset coaching in the first place

5:10 - People get stuck and only want to go through the motions

7:00 - Listening to other people and also the bad voice in your head

8:16 - Getting rich by winning the lottery or "working harder"

10:15 - You should never settle

12:26 - The money myths you've believed

14:30 - Money isn't evil

18:05 - Avoid the security mindset

22:00 - "I'm just fine without money"

24:20 - Recapping the money myths

25:05 - The importance of an abundance mindset

29:30 - Your inner and outer worlds

32:15 - Closing remarks

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