Episode 9

Published on:

9th Mar 2021

The Smart Money Gal - Divorce & Financial Survival

Divorce is stressful. Financial challenges are stressful. Combining the two is enough to keep anyone up at night! Financial issues can be quite complicated. It’s difficult to give a lot of blanket advice, since divorce laws vary so much from state to state. 

Typically, your attorney and financial consultant will be your best sources of information regarding your finances during the divorce. Ensure you get advice from a qualified source and use it. Your friend, neighbor and your parents are not qualified sources. 

So sit back, relax, and enjoy an insightful conversation surrounding smart financial strategies to utilize if you ever dealing with divorce.


00:30 - Overview on her work in the topic of divorce

02:05 - How Swan Financial handles the financial side of divorce

02:55 - Only take advice from the experts

05:53 - Understand your budget

08:57 - Avoid making any major financial decisions during this process

12:07 - Be smart (and frugal)

15:00 - Keep track of your credit report

17:52 - Create a road map for YOU

20:30 - Who the Divorce Divas are and how they can help you

24:14 - Announcing her new e-book "Surviving Divorce"

25:30 - Recapping her smart strategies for handling the financial side of divorce

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